About this website…..

CCALogobannerThis website is provided by the Clare Community Association for the use of everybody in Clare and the surrounding area.

You can advertise events, promote your businesses, clubs, societies etc.

Comments can be made, news items added, discussions started all absolutely free of charge.

One poor soul has the job of keeping it all running. He (for it is indeed a he) works full time so does it in his (rapidly diminishing) free time……

So, to make his life a little less fraught, he would like people who add to the website using one of the forms to follow a few simple rules:

  1. Fill in as much information as possible. e.g. when creating an event we need to know when it is, where it is and who is organising it. Time should be in 24 hour format, a postcode is required (this allows the map to show where you or the event are). Contact information including telephone number, e-mail address and website (if available) is also very important.
  2. Feel free to wax lyrical, the more you tell people, the more likely you are to get a reaction
  3. Include a photo or picture. It helps to make you stand out, please give the photo / picture a meaningful name before uploading it (Untitled 1 is not acceptable !). Ideally it should be no more than 800 pixels wide (All PCs have a program called ‘Paint’ it makes resizing an image very easy).
  4. DO NOT USE CAPITAL LETTERS LIKE THIS….it is the internet equivalent of shouting and many people find it difficult to read
  5. Last but not least (it really should be a last resort) if you get completely stuck please e-mail everything you want to say to cca.webmaster@clareca.org.uk