The Knock Knock Comedy Tour @The Plough, Hundon
20:00 to 22:00
United Kingdom

knock knockStand-up comic Damian Kingsley is set to travel penniless from Lands End to Edinburgh on a 120 gig tour to raise money for the homeless charity Shelter.

Every penny of the ticket price charged by venues goes directly to Shelter. He won’t be able to use any money or public transport so he’s hoping to be given shelter, food and maybe a few lifts on the road to Edinburgh! In return, he’ll tell jokes to venues across the UK in return for the basic necessities so many people have to do without every day. The aim of the tour is to raise at least £7,000 by 29 August.

The tour starts on 24 March 2016 and finishes at the Edinburgh fringe in August, where all donations will also go to Shelter.
Tickets are on sale now at The Plough at just £5 each. Damian Kingsley plus support.

Tel: 01440 786789 E-mail: info@theploughhundon.co.uk

Web: www.theploughhundon.co.uk

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