The Bard in Clare
19:30 to 22:00
Bard in ClareThe show is a compilation of Shakespeare’s top of the pops! With a tribute to his most entertaining characters. We have a six piece troupe  including RADA trained and Equity actors performing the show to celebrate 400 years of his ever increasing popularity.
It should be remembered that he wrote his plays to be performed. And we’re positive that he would be horrified that so many school children have been  forced to study his work and consequently have a hang up about his talent 400 years later!!
DayWalker aim to entertain.
It will be a fun evening out, nowhere near as serious as is immediately presumed.
There will be a bar available selling very good drinkies at very fair prices. For example the three available whites are £3.00 a glass, so is the rose, the prosecco and one of the Reds. Two further reds are £4.50 and all available by the bottle. There will be nibbles on the tables.
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