If you have any pictures you would like to add please e-mail them to Put the event title as the subject (that will help identify them).

As there are so may issues around publishing pictures of children your e-mail must include the this statement ‘I consent to this picture / these pictures (delete as applicable) being used on the Clare Community Association website and associated publicity for the CCA. I confirm that the child / children shown are mine’

If this is not included we cannot publish your photos !

We will not pass the pictures to third parties.

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Scavenger Hunt –  February 2016


Eater Egg Decorating and a Film – Easter 2016


Picnic and an Adventure – Easter 2016

The Party in the Park June 2016

The Party in the Park 2016 June 2016…. part 2

Seniors Tea Party June 2016 held in conjunction with the Party in the Park