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The Clare Community Association website is for everybody who lives in Clare and the surrounding area….. and you can add to it !


You can comment on many of the posts, ask a question, add your news, share something on social media, promote your event or organisation, advertise a vacancy.

If you want to add a comment on something on the site look out for ‘Leave a comment’ (you will normally find it just below the title).

If you want to ask a question or add some news (looking for sponsorship for a charity event, bus times, help needed, can’t find a tradesman, special offers….the list is endless) use the form at the bottom of this page…. Add Your News !

Advertise…it’s free….

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For anything else use the form at the bottom of the Welcome page

It’s free and open to all in Clare and the surrounding area (Roughly Stoke by Clare, Glemsford, Pentlow, Cavendish, the Belchamps, Ashen, Wixoe and Baythorne End, Ridgewell, Hundon and Poslingford).

Please note, all additions to the website are held for approval before being published. Anything we consider to be inappropriate will not be published (if in doubt then it probably isn’t…..)


One thought on “This is your website…. get involved !

  1. This is wonderful….. Thank you so much for its inception, lovely lifeline for so many and nice to be part of a community……..

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